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HL-WDX Spot Welder

Product Name:HL-WDX Spot Welder


Brand :  Zoneray

1.Main characteristics:
①  Adopt microprocessor control system, reliable quality, and high control precision.
②  Adopt digital display functional mode and power parameter, through membrane button to adjust the parameter, its convenient and concise.
③  Good in safety feature; it has overheating protection system, there’s indicator and alarm function with sub-pressure, overpressure and improper operation.
④  With the welding parameters memory function, when switch on, it will automatically shows the same parameters as the last set, so it’s no need to adjust parameter again next time at the same condition.
⑤  Welding electrodes can be chosen with different combination, it’s suitable for the different weldment.
⑥  The machine has various functions as spot welding, braze welding and heat treatment.

2.Main technique parameter:
①  Power supply: 220V, 50HZ or  110V, 60HZ
②  Power: maximum current 20A
③  Transformer output power: 2000W,   output voltage: 5V
④  Incorrect operation alarm: when operation condition don’t accord with SET mode, the display shows Error beep.
⑤  Security type: belongs classⅠ, type B
⑥  Transformer overheating protection: 85℃
⑦  Energy regulation:

Spot welding (dxx)     1~30
Braze welding (q_x)   1~9

LH Arch wire Heat treatment (h_x)  1~9

⑧ Dimensions of weldment: Ф0.2mm~1.8mm stainless steel wire
⑨ Fuse: Ф5×20mm, 20A
⑩ Environment conditions:  temperature 5℃~40℃ Relative humidity ≤80%
    Storage condition:   temperature -10℃~55℃ Relative humidity ≤80%

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