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HL-YMC3 Alginate\Die Stone Mixer(speed variable)

Product Name :HL-YMC 3 Alginate/Die Stone Mixer(Speed Variable)


Brand :Zoneray

1.Scope of application:
The unit is used to mix Alginate\Die Stone  for making dentures model.

2.Main parameters:
①.  Power supply: AC 220V, 50 Hz or AC 110V, 60Hz
②.  Speed: you can adjust the speed as you like from 0-300rpm, just like driving car, and control your accelerator

③.  Regular alarm:
       After mixing 20S it will have beep sound and alarm light will flash to warn user using the alginate immediately, or it dries.
④.  Stop working if overload: When the motor overloaded, the unit will stop working automatically after 3S, press Start key to working again.
⑤.  Gross weight: 2.0 KG
⑥.  Size: 280*230*230 mm
⑦.  New foot control system will release your hands.


1. Put the cleaning and disinfected mixed bowl into the tray, turn clockwise to lock it.

2. Let power plug connect to the electric socket with grounding, turn on the power switch6.

3. Put the water and impression material into the mixing bowl according to the proportion from the manual of impression material. Then mix them to bulk state.

4. Put the spatula into mixture, press Start/Set button10,or step foot control 12 to start at low speed (the liquid and powder will not easy to spill out when in low speed), close the spatula along the mixing bowl and move it according to the rotate direction.

5. Press Start/Set button 10,or step foot control 12again, it will rotate in high-speed , the spatula should along the wall of mixing bowl, it’s better for mixing, after 20S the alarm light will flash to notice user to use the mixture as soon as possible.

6. Press “Stop” button to stop working. Use spatula along mixing bowl to remove the mixture.

7. Anticlockwise rotate the mixing bowl, then take it out, and clean it.


4. After-sale Service:

1 year  warranty.


5.Our strength of Alginate Mixer:

a)Economical price

b)Convenient operation-you can adjust the proportion of water or impression material during operation

c)Four types can meet different customers’ demand

d)HL-YMC4 brings the story of tortoise and hare race into operation, making it vividly, and humorously.

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